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Flamingo Bay

SCUBA diving the One of the most beautiful sites for Snorkeling Grenada on the island of Grenada is just -a few minutes boat ride from famous Grand Anse Beach! The reef is spreading around the rugged coast line of Happy Hill on a shallow plateau for great trip.

The reefs starts at 8 feet slowly sloping to 30 feet on the edge where it drops down to make snorkeling in Grenada great. The reef consist of many sea rods and sea fans, large star coral boulders and several towering pillar corals. Amongst the sea rods you may discover the common Flamingo-tongue - a tiny nudi-branch of distinctive coloring or the rare fingerprint Flamingo tongue.

Moliniere Canyons

A sheltered bay with its reef top at about 10 feet, divided into several canyons where lobsters and scorpion fish are resting to make snorkeling in Grenada interesting. At the canyons sandy shallows you will find a group of Caribbean reef squid hovering and schools of sergeant major fish very friendly and curious as you snorkel in Grenada.

Busy little damselfish harvest the algae, stoplight parrotfish are also common on that favorite snorkel in Grenada snorkel site. The more adventurous snorkeler might venture out to Molinere Point, where barracudas standing in the current and schools of Creole wrasses passing by.

Dragon Bay

Plunge in and enjoy the beauty of this coral garden snorkel site in Grenada! Look out for the little "dragons" - seahorses; especially in summer time! They are well camouflaged, but with a little patience you will be able to watch them riding in the smooth swell.

Your snorkel guide will show you fire-worms and spider crabs if you can't spot them yourselves. Many soft corals and sponges providing a feast for flamingo tongues will be encountered on this Grenada snorkel site.

Aquarium Beach

Situated on the south coast, Aquarium Beach is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. The best snorkel site in Grenada within reach from shore just 50 yards from the white sandy beach. Open to the ocean currents, schooling reef fish and rays can be encountered here.

Bonus for snorkelers: the Aquarium restaurant offers lunch and drinks, fresh water shower and beach chairs. And of course the famous Sunday BBQ!
If you come at the right time and you are lucky, big leather back turtles use the beach as nesting grounds. Please do not disturb the animals while laying there eggs!

Glovers Island

This island actually looks like the original Gilligan's island, complete with Palm trees and shipwreck! Huge rock boulders on its lee side and wreckage under water provide hiding places for lobster, baby nurse shark and others.

With some luck there is a good chance to encounter turtles and rays, as the island lay in the Atlantic ocean and is exposed to the current.


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