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Grenada Dive Sites: "Shark Diving"

Get in the excitement of meeting these fascinating sharks up close and personal. Grenada offers shark diving as one of the best spots to encounter sharks in their natural habit.

Shark Reef - 25' - 65' feet

The gentle slope drops down to a 60 feet deep sandy flat bottom, where you might spot sting rays. Most of the nurse sharks sighted here however were found in the shallows, hiding under corals and stones. Sometimes you will loose count on the sharks and turtles, some other day you will see a few only. But the reef itself is beautiful and always steaming of fish and marine life.

Wreck San Juan - 90' feet

The recently rediscovered wreck of an 80 ft. inter island fishing vessel, also known as the Shark Wreck lies almost undamaged in 90 feet of water. Due to its location two miles off Grenada's south on the Atlantic side, mostly strong currents sweep over it.
A school of rainbow runners will guide you the way to the small boat laying in the middle of nowhere on a plateau. The 1975 sunken vessel is packed by nurse sharks of all sizes you may imagine up to 9 feet.

Wreck King Mitch - 120' feet

Advanced diving at its best; currents, blue water descent, depth, 4 miles out in the Atlantic ocean! The former US Navy minesweeper turned cargo vessel sank 1981 after the ship leaked and the bilge pump failed. However all crew survived and today nurse sharks, reef sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, turtles and swarms of barracudas and other pelagic fish meet here.

Grand Canyon - 15' - 60' feet

Far Get caught in the current between the two oceans. This is exiting rafting through an under water canyon and schools of pelagic fish. If the current washes you out in to the plain just enjoy and watch out for rays and turtles.


Bird Rock Island

Far out in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean a flat rock housing hundreds of sea birds, is a spectacular dive site under water; strong currents, huge boulders, sea fans, elk horn corals, deep see gorgonians and everything the diver wishes for: eagle rays, sometime mantas, stingrays, sharks, turtles, lobster, morays and plenty of pelagic fish life too!


- SpiceDivers