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Aquanauts Grenada Frequently Asked Questions

Service Desk:
we are committed to service you, here are some questions answered you might have before coming to our lovely island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to the dive sites?

A: Between 5 and 20 minutes from either of our dive centers, depend which dive site we approach.

Q: Why dive nitrox?

A: Nitrox diving is very easy, certification can be obtained in jst a couple of hours. Nitrox increases your bottom time on deeper dives and safety when you do multiple dives. Nitrox Divers don't feel so tired in the evenings and some feel that they use less air.

Q: Is there shore diving on Grenada?

A: Most of the reefs and wrecks are off shore and not withn reach from shore. Some smaller reefs off Grand Anse are accessible by Kayaks from our dive center.

Q: What size are your dive groups on the boat?

A: We dive in small groups from large comfortable boats - we make sure you see more fish than divers!

Q: What is the water temperature?

A: Winter minimum 78 F / 25 C, in Summer up to 86 F / 30 C.

Q: How is the visibility?

A: Varies with currents between 20 - 70 meters / 60 - 200 feet.

Q: Where is the nearest recompression chamber?

A: In Barbados and Trinidad, ca. 20 minutes flight.

Q: When is the rainy season?

A: from June until November, heavier rains are possible in June and November, the remaining time is very pleasant with a cooling shower every now and than.

Q: What can kids do while we are diving?

A: depend on their age, most hotels do have babysitters available, we also have a kids program starting with the bubblemaker at the age of 8.

Q: Can we dive with Aquanauts if we stay elsewhere?

A: yes you can, we provide free transfers from most accommodations in the south, for a complete list check our resort page.

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