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There are more than 30 dive sites in Grenada! Whether you like to dive wrecks, reefs, or be a little adventurous and do a shark dive, Grenada has what you want!

Lying beneath Grenada's surface is some of the Caribbean's most dramatic and unspoiled underwater scenery. From lazy drift dives over coral gardens to the "Bianca C", one of the largest ship wrecks in the Caribbean, Grenada waters offer captivating images to divers of all levels.

Since Grenada is not yet as heavily frequented by visitors as other Caribbean destinations, the reefs, wrecks and walls remain unspoiled by crowds and many have yet to be explored. Divers will discover nearly every kind of coral imaginable, along with an abundance of marine fish life, pelagic and coastal as well as turtles, rays, and sharks

- SpiceDivers