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Grenada Culture

Grenadian culture is a mixture of British, African, West Indian and French influences. Though the majority of Grenadians are Roman Catholic and a French-African patois is spoken by some, the French influence on this small nation is slight compared to other neighboring islands that have oscillated between the main Caribbean colonial powers.

The official language is English, and though the majority are Roman Catholic, there are plenty of Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. African Creole influences come to the fore during Carnival, and a general resurgence of black pride is visible in the widespread practice of giving African names to Grenadian children. Carriacou has a unique folk troupe that performs the African-influenced Big Drum Dance, centered around the playing of drums made of small rum kegs covered with goatskin. On Grenada, steel band and calypso music are popular. The folk art of Carriacou artist Canute Caliste has gained international recognition painting visions of mermaids and sailing vessels at his home in L'Esterre. The popularity of steel hulls has made it difficult to see traditional wooden schooners being built on Carriacou.

- SpiceDivers