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Bianca C wreck - 90' - 140 feet

bianca C
SCUBA diving the Bianca C will show you this 600 foot long cruise ship which had been traveling the oceans since 1949. The Bianca C was last owned by the Costa Line Genua/Italy. On her last voyage in October 1961 while anchoring off St. George's she caught fire after an explosion in the engine room.

In a selfless response of the town all passengers and crew but two members of the crew, burnt in the initial blow, were rescued and taken care of by the hospitality of the Grenadiers. In failed attempt to tow the luxury cruise liner to shallow waters, it sank to 160 feet where it lies today. The Bianca C makes a wonderful advance dive in Grenada. It is a dive you don't want to miss while SCUBA diving in Grenada.


Black Forest Reef - 40 - 90 feet

SCUBA diving this beautiful and colorful reef during your holiday dive vacation is a great experience. This Grenada SCUBA dive offers the perfect home for reef fishes, groupers and a collection of angel fish; queen, french and gray.

Schools of creole wrasses are passing by and sometimes turtles cruising around this Grenada SCUBA dive site. Diving this wonderful Grenada SCUBA dive site is a must while diving in Grenada.



Wreck HEMA 1 - 90 feet / 27 m

The freighter HEMA 1 sank on March 5. 2005 on its way to Trinidad. It now lays in the Atlantic current just a few miles off the south coast and hasbecome one of the major dive attractions for Grenada. Regularly sharks are sightedresting in the many holes of the wreck, a huge old hawskbill turtle with barnacles on her back made it her home too.Eagle rays and barracudas cruising around, the bottom is populated by stingrays, lobsters and crabs.It had a large store on booze hidden in the galley, which could be found after a storm cracked the wreck in 2005 to her final resting place. The two pieces provide a nice swim through and place for snappers to hide from the current. You will have a wonderful view of the Grenada southern coast line as you enter this Adventure Grenada SCUBA dive site.

SCUBA diving the HEMA 1 is a must while SCUBA diving Grenada.

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